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Alright, so a bit more about me… Hands down, my passion in life is designing products and building businesses that can truly make a positive impact on the world. I also really enjoy teaching other people design strategy, tactics, and tips that I’ve learned along my 15 year+ design journey thus far. A journey that’s taken me from art school to a very short stint working a corporate design job, to freelancing, to owning a boutique design agency, to a startup attempt/failure, and most recently to co-founding Twenty20.

My Story

After graduating from art school down in San Diego, I packed up my oversized portfolio of student design projects (and pretend clients) and moved to Los Angeles to begin my design career journey. It wasn’t too long until I landed my first “real” design job at Universal Games which was awesome for about a year.  It quickly became clear that the corporate vibe was just not for me. Having built up a nice roster of freelance clients on the side, I pulled the trigger, cleared out my cubicle, and ventured off on my own.
Let’s fast forward… In the mid to late 2000’s and with the help of two partners, I had built up a full-service design agency.  Working in an agency setting is a funny thing.  On one hand, it’s very exciting as there are always new projects and new design challenges to solve.  On the other hand, there was something that became increasingly unsettling to me about investing so much time and creative energy into a client’s project and then having to hand that off at the end of the engagement. It was at that point when I knew I wanted to transition out of agency work and build a startup.
Like many first-time entrepreneurs, I had a startup idea, vibe.me, that I was convinced would change the world. All we needed to do is “build it and they will come.”  As Bud Tribble put it, I was way deep in the reality distortion field.  Needless to say, vibe.me never got a significant amount of traction, but a tremendous amount of valuable lessons were learned that I would take into my next venture.
Let’s hit that fast-forward button one more time.  Today, I’m the Design Director and co-founder at Twenty20. I’ve now had the pleasure of seeing an idea I sketched on a blank piece of paper fully realized into a venture-backed and revenue generating startup. Over the past five years, I’ve learned how to take a completely iterative design approach to both our mobile and web apps to get us to where we are at today.  I can honestly say that I am deeply in love with what I do every single day. Life is good. Challenging, but good!

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